A Columbo Podcast Update

Episode 71 – A Columbo Podcast Update

Episode seventy one of the Columbo Podcast is a quick update and look forward for the show. In this podcast Gerry and Iain catch listeners up on what they’ve been doing lately, what their plans for the Columbo Podcast are and on their other upcoming shows.



You can find the new shows in the following locations:


The Jonathan Creek Podcast – http://www.jonathancreekpodcast.com


The Blackadder Podcast – http://www.blackadderpodcast.com


Also, if you’ve not been introduced to Sledge Hammer yet, you can find out Sledgecast show here – http://www.sledgehammerpodcast.com.


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The Columbo Podcast Team

The Columbo Podcast Team

The Columbo Podcast team develops, produces and promotes The Columbo Podcast.

22 thoughts to “Episode 71 – A Columbo Podcast Update”

  1. I should have known there would be good Columbo news today – I was watching an old “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” last night and Robert Culp had a bit part.

    Both new podcasts sound great – but after you’ve done the Falk and Levinson/Link episodes just go through all the Columbos again as well!

  2. Hello, this is Doug from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I’m a big fan of you2, I’m just about finished watching and listening to your Columbo Broadcasts for a 2nd time then I’m going to do Hammer. I hope the 2 new shows your doing are on Utube, I’ve never heard of them. I’m fascinated with British culture since I started u-tubing bands I idolized as when I played guitar, my first music was UK punk.(btw the best hockey player in the world, our 20yr old McDavid is a spitting image of Johnny Rotten). I’ve gotten into rugby and you probably hate me bc I like the All-Blacks. I used to think British humor was slap-sticky and leaned on absurdness, but you guys are funny and witty and you like Columbo and Hammer and so do I. Thank you and keep up the good work. I’ll be here as long as you are.

          1. Him and Sid have had their day. Hockey players peak in their mid 20s. The 1st of many Art Ross and Hart trophies will go to Connor this yr but it wd be nice to see Ovi win a Stanley Cup (if the Oilers can’t).

          2. Come to think of it, I was pulling for Scotland in the last RWC. The motto was As One if I’m not mistaking. I was following JK Rowling who is a huge fan, and she wd tweet something only a brilliant author could, then it’d get about a thousand likes. I hope your watching the Oilers in the NHL playoffs. 😉

          3. Ahh, now I get it: Preds…Forsberg. Chicago’s a heavily favored team, the Preds have embarrassed them in a big way. They’ve caught lightning in a bottle, I’m glad we don’t have to play them next round. They’ve got a shot at it if they keep believing. Good luck!

  3. Egg episodes? Well, whatever excuse you need, looking forward to hearing more from the winning team 🙂

  4. A Columbo Quiz …. with various participants …. hosted by both of you …. on Skype!?! Oh, piffle! That’s never going to happen. You two boys are such a tease. Now quit goofing around and bring all of us a new, full hour Columbo podcast! Pretty pleeeeeeeeease — with sugar on top! 🙂

  5. Hi everyone! Am enjoying the podcasts in order, not all the way through yet. Love the comments especially!

  6. Found your podcast a couple of months ago. Columbo has been shown in order on MeTV in the U.S.; it’s one of the few shows I enjoy viewing multiple times, and your podcast has enhanced my pleasure in it. Good luck in the voting (although it seems one can only vote for one podcast).

    P.S. Blackadder? Count me in! I have all seasons on DVD, and would love to watch them all again with a fresh eye from your podcast!

  7. I started listening…probably about a week after you put this minisode up (wish these posts we dates so it was easier to tell). Favor: Could you add links to the other projects you mentioned? I think I’ve hunted down pages for the the 3 podcasts, but it would be an ongoing benefit to the rest of the community here to have them easily accessible.

      1. Thanks, an About/Links section on your various podcasts would be great actually, help fans connect to all the awesome projects you two are doing.

  8. Iain, did I hear you say you thought in the 2nd run of shows, maybe Peter Falk had lost his fast ball? Your right of course but I wonder how many Britons knew that. People who follow baseball know that when the arm starts to go, they’re switched to relievers(don’t throw as many pitches), or knuckle ballers if they’re good at it. It wd be pretty embarrassing shaking off every fastball the catcher calls for, knowing that if you throw it , the batter’s gonna crank it outta here. I’m glad to see you like N American sports, I don’t like basketball, I can never tell who’s at fault when they run into each other. Rugby is great it kinda like hockey and football combined. Soccer Rules. I know this isn’t a sports venue, but I think Iain and I are sports nuts so I just wanted to get that out. BTW, I’m also a trekkie. So many Columbo actors have Star Trek on their resumé, you wonder if there’s a connection. During that period there was 4 Star Trek series and 5 movies. It was just the numbers. Same with Sledge Hammer. There’s a new ST series coming out this fall. yay!

  9. What a nice idea for a podcast. Too bad I can’t understand a fucking thing these Limey jerks are saying. Aside from their pathetic accents, they mumble all the time and speak as if their mouths were filled with macaroni and cheese.

    If only we had some real Americans doing this. . .

    One more thing: is this a Columbo podcast or one long interminable advertisement for Identity Politics bullshit?

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