Escape From Shit Mountain - Episode 9

Escape From Sh*t Mountain – Poker Face Podcast Episode 9

The ninth episode of Poker Face was titled Escape From Sh*t Mountain and was the ninth episode of the show’s first season. Charlie finds herself in a creepy motel, out of contact with the outside world, as threats become clear. In this podcast Gerry and Iain look at dysfunctional friendships.

This week, we find Charlie enjoying the Rockies in summer with Luke (Chris Cortez), an outdoorsy guy with whom she finds an immediate connection. Later, we find her in winter without her beau and falling in tow with a kleptomanic drifter she calls Morty (Stephanie Hsu).

When Charlie’s car gets stuck in a snowdrift, Morty heads off to get help and Charlie is later hit by a speeding car driven by Trey (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), absconding from house arrest for the night. Thinking he’s killed her, Trey enlists the help of his old friend, Jimmy (David Castañeda), but soon their past looks like it might be catching up with them.

This is the second season 1 episode directed by creator Rian Johnson. The writing credit is shared by showrunners Nora and Lilla Zuckerman.

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Escape From Sh*t Mountain was released in 2023. It is 60 minutes long and originally aired on Peacock. Episodes continue to stream on Peacock internationally and on Sky in the UK. The DVD boxset of season 1 is now available.

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