The Orpheus Syndrome - Episode 8

The Orpheus Syndrome – Poker Face Podcast Episode 8

The eighth episode of Poker Face was titled The Orpheus Syndrome and was the eighth episode of the show’s first season. Charlie befriends a special effects artist whose former colleague is prepared to kill to protect a thirty-year-old secret. In this podcast Gerry and Iain look at the powerful burden of guilt.

This week, we find Charlie first at a barbershop, then – by chance or fate – working with practical effects specialist Arthur Liptin (Nick Nolte). Arthur’s one-time colleagues Laura (Cherry Jones) and Max (Tim Russ) have recently become estranged from one another, but when Max appears to kill himself in front of Laura she comes to Arthur with an unusual request.

When Arthur, too, dies unexpectedly after meeting with Laura, Charlie pays the studio executive a visit only to make a stunning discovery. With the help of archivist Raoul (Luis Guzmán) she endeavours to expose Laura’s misdeeds in front of a fanatical audience, before the evidence is permanently erased.

This is the only first season episode to be directed by Natasha Lyonne. She also receives a writing credit, along with Alice Ju, who was previously responsible for episode 2, The Night Shift.

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The Orpheus Syndrome was released in 2023. It is 57 minutes long and originally aired on Peacock. Episodes continue to stream on Peacock internationally and on Sky in the UK. The DVD boxset of season 1 is now available.

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