Dead Man's Hand - Episode 1

Dead Man’s Hand – Poker Face Podcast Episode 1

The first episode of Poker Face was titled Dead Man’s Hand and was the premiere episode of the show’s first season. We meet Charlie Cale, learn about her special skill and see the start of a new chapter in her life. In this podcast Gerry and Iain consider aptitude and its application for maximum benefit.

Cale is played by the remarkable Natasha Lyonne and this week squares off primarily against Sterling Frost, Jr. (Adrien Brody) and his ruthless goon Cliff Legrand (Benjamin Bratt) as she tries to find out the truth about her friend Natalie’s (Dascha Polanco) death in an apparent domestic dispute with her husband Jerry (Michael Reagan).

Also appearing are regular Rian Johnson collaborator Noah Segan as Sheriff Parker, Kerry Frances as casino worker Michelle, Jeremy Lawrence as trailer park entrepreneur John-O and many other exciting actors in smaller roles.

Rian Johnson directs this one himself, the first of three episodes in season one that he helms up. This is also his first of two writing credits for the season.

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Dead Man’s Hand was released in 2023. It is 68 minutes long and originally aired on Peacock. Episodes continue to stream on Peacock internationally and on Sky in the UK. The DVD boxset of season 1 is expected in September 2023.

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