The Stall - Episode 3

The Stall – Poker Face Podcast Episode 3

The third episode of Poker Face was titled The Stall and was the third episode of the show’s first season. Charlie acquires a dog then finds work at a BBQ joint in Texas before her employer dies in unusual circumstances. In this podcast Gerry and Iain look at the dangers of veganism.

This week, Charlie travels with a dog of dubious political instincts before taking work at Boyle’s BBQ when her companion gets stuck in to some sausages without permission. The proprietors are Taffy Boyle (Lil Rel Howery), his brother George (Larry Brown) and George’s wife Mandy (Danielle Macdonald).

When George’s decision to go vegan and quit the barbecue business hits Taffy and Mandy hard, his apparent subsequent suicide eases some of their concerns. After talking with her colleague Beto (Dylan Frederick), Charlie seeks assistance from local DJ Austin (Shane Paul McGhie) to solidify her suspicions.

Iain B. MacDonald directs this week, the first of two season one episodes he takes charge of. The episode was written by Wyatt Cain, the first of two season one stories he gets the primary credit for.

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The Stall was released in 2023. It is 56 minutes long and originally aired on Peacock. Episodes continue to stream on Peacock internationally and on Sky in the UK. The DVD boxset of season 1 is expected in September 2023.

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